For bookings or queries, reach us at +91 80 69 11 11 11

For bookings or queries, reach us at
+91 80 69 11 11 11

The True Kerala Village Experience -
A Responsible Tourism Endeavour

The Experience

Kumarakom is a cluster of small picturesque islands around the Vembanad Lake. The village is well acclaimed for its backwaters, delicious cuisines and greenery. This tourist destination, over the years, is one of the most-visited in Kerala. Our journey begins at Kavanatinkara after a briefing session. You will be accompanied by a guide who will familiarize you to the picturesque landscapes and the lush green surroundings of Kumarakom.

Stopover 1 : Covered Canopy

Your journey begins in a covered canopy, over the lake flanked by greens, to the Manjira village and a friendly welcome from the villagers.

Stopover 2 : At the top of a coconut tree

At the first house you stop by, learn how the times changed, and witness the two ways of climbing a coconut tree-the laborious traditional way using a thalappu and the modern way using latest instruments.

Stopover 3 : Taste of tender coconut

Drop by at a villager's home and get to taste sweet coconut water and fresh tender coconut.

Stopover 4 : toddy tapping

Take a stroll across paddy fields to the next stopover-a coconut grove. Taste the famed Kerala toddy, fresh out of the pot. Watch toddy tapping nearby, and learn about unique plants and spices.

Stopover 5 : Gowri's home

Gowri takes you through the art of weaving coconut leaves. And you can try a hand at it too!

Stopover 6 : Net Fishing

Suresh, a skilled fisherman of Manjira, will teach you some tried-and-true fishing tips. Watch in awe as he casts a net and catches fish with ease. Then take a short boat ride to Latha's home.


Latha's home is where you get to watch the fascinating process of coir-making. Check out the various steps involved and try your hand at coir spinning. Stop for lunch at RT's Samrudhi restaurant or a farmer's house before you head to the next stopover. A sumptuous meal of boiled rice and traditional delights served on a plantain leaf awaits.

Stopover 8 : World of screw pines

Learn from Omana how screw pine products are made. Don't forget to buy the one or two that catch your fancy.


Step away from the mundane and come discover a timeless realm of extraordinary experiences...

Infinity Swimming Pool

The large, tranquil pool at Kumarakom Lake Resort presents the vivid illusion of being a part of the shimmering lake. In the freshness of the mornings or the cool breezy evenings the poolside offers the perfect antidote for tired limbs after a hectic day of leisure.

Fitness Centre

At Kumarakom Lake Resort, work out with the assistance and guidance of professional instructors. Our Fitness Centre offers a whole gamut of ultra modern branded fitness equipment etc.

Fun Activities

While at the resort guests can try a hand at fishing, learn pottery, so go on, take your pick!

Vembanad - Coastal Cuisine Specialty Restaurant

Discover a wide array of rare coastal choices including Coorg and Kerala specialties. Come treat yourself to an exotic and memorable culinary journey.